Dinefwr Ramblers


Maenclochog 24 June 2018

Sixteen of us, with no dogs, left the car park at Maenclochog (pretty car park with flower boxes on the picnic tables maintained by the local residents) for a short road walk before turning off onto a track which led us onto a boardwalk. The boardwalk led through a wood which was eerie enough to be used in a suspense drama as a film set!

A walk through open moorland which was reasonably flat before we ascended up towards the trig point which was a fairly stiff climb given the temperature and the cloudless sky. However, the further we climbed the more spectacular the view became with a stunning 360 degree view at the top.

Maenclochog summit rocks

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Cidwely 20 June 2018

We arrived at Llandeilo car park in heavy drizzle half an hour early. The five of us sat waiting, cooped up and steaming wondering if anyone would be mad enough to venture out on such a day. Surprisingly a few cars did arrive and at the appointed time we left for the final rendezvous. Others were there too, and by now the weather was improving with only a light drizzle - which still required the adornment of waterproofs. Altogether we were fourteen plus two dogs.

After about a mile of gradual climb through a magnificent tunnel with a trickling stream and dense vegetation, the highest point was reached. The path opened out to give us superb panoramic views. The drizzle was gone, and it was turning into a respectable walking day.

spider web

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BB8 - Offa's Dyke 10 June 2018

On a quiet Sunday morning in bright sunlight, the long drive to the English border through the lush green summer blanket of the Welsh countryside set the mood for the day.  The complications of a linear walk were managed with military precision, and in no time nine of us including a guest from Essex were ascending the formidable gradient to the top of Hay Bluff.  At the summit, a mile into the walk, we took our first water stop to admire the spectacular panorama over the whole of mid-Wales. 

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