Dinefwr Ramblers


BB8 - Offa's Dyke 10 June 2018

On a quiet Sunday morning in bright sunlight, the long drive to the English border through the lush green summer blanket of the Welsh countryside set the mood for the day.  The complications of a linear walk were managed with military precision, and in no time nine of us including a guest from Essex were ascending the formidable gradient to the top of Hay Bluff.  At the summit, a mile into the walk, we took our first water stop to admire the spectacular panorama over the whole of mid-Wales. 

From here it was literally down-hill all the way following the ancient route of Offa’s dyke.  As in many other places, no specific fortifications are seen, as much of the dyke relies on natural features for its boundary.  The path was in fact to a better standard to that found in many of our country parks.  Virtually the whole route had been laid with fine flagstones, and consequently we were able to keep to the punishing schedule. 

The weather was fine all day, and the hang gliding fraternity were using it to their best advantage.  At times it seemed that we were being showered with confetti as dozens of the brightly coloured parachutes flurried about us on the mountain ridge.  A final rendezvous to meet a couple who took a slight short circuit was made in the magnificence of Llanthony Abbey, a fitting place to end yet another of the Becaons Bonanza series.

Well done Jim.


Monday, January 21, 2019